Dear visitor, we would like to present you the formation of the DD-kennel v. d. Rotbuche



The DD-kennel v.d. Rotbuche was created by Mr. Heinz Walhuis and his wife Elsa in 1968.

WallhuisMr. Walhuis and Mrs. Walhuis have been closely connected with chase, rearing and development. The kennel v.d. Rotbuche established due to many prosperous litter-inquiries in the area of East Friesland and beyond.

During a suitability test, where I shepherd my first DD, I made the acquaintance of Mr. Walhuis. A deep and intensive friendship developed. Because of an unattended funeral circumstance, Mr. Walhuis died during a chase in 2001. Ex that time I took over the kennel and fulfilled so Mr. Walhuis’ last desire.

The first attempts of walking in the field of kennel and chase I made with my first litter:.

Grille v. Venusberg (mother)

Asko v. Bürgerhof (father)

This litter brought 7 wholesome welfs